Liriodendron tulipifera

The STAR Herbarium is a resource for scientists investigating regional flora, or concentrating on specific taxonomic groups represented in the region with an estimated 24,000 curated specimens. We have a substantial resource of research materials and an irreplaceable source of bioinformation that is utilized by research scientists in the state, by plant conservation biologists, government and private management agencies and by plant taxonomists.

Information provided includes distribution, historical and modern distribution information, population information, and morphological information. It is provided to researchers in a variety of forms. We maintain an active exchange of materials, a loan program, and data information derived from museum specimens.

The Natural History Collections Curation Club:

The Natural History Collections Curation Club (NHC3) was created for students desiring to learn about natural history collections. In this club, we take care of ASU’s natural history collections, help to educate the community, provide students the opportunity to experience practices of other natural history museums, create specimens for display, and raise money for and advocate the collections on campus. If you would like to join this group, please contact Kari Harris (president) at or visit our facebook page at

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