Liriodendron tulipifera

The STAR Herbarium is a resource for scientists investigating regional flora, or concentrating on specific taxonomic groups represented in the region with an estimated 24,000 curated specimens. We have a substantial resource of research materials and an irreplaceable source of bioinformation that is utilized by research scientists in the state, by plant conservation biologists, government and private management agencies and by plant taxonomists.

Information provided includes distribution, historical and modern distribution information, population information, and morphological information. It is provided to researchers in a variety of forms. We maintain an active exchange of materials, a loan program, and data information derived from museum specimens.

About the Herbarium Project:

What is a Herbarium?

A herbarium is kind of like a museum for plant specimens, but instead of the specimens being on display, they are curated, stored and catalogued systemically. By storing, organizing and caring for plant specimens, a herbarium serves as a taxonomic database for thousands of plant species which can be accessed by many future generations. The specimens within a herbarium can aid in future research and education, and therefore is a vital warehouse in the scientific community.

The STAR Herbarium

The herbarium at Arkansas State University, named the STAR Herbarium, is located in the Laboratory Science East building in room 406. The collection within it comes from the regional Flora of Arkansas, as well as some of the adjoining areas. The STAR Herbarium serves as an active source of education for many students at ASU as well as a great taxonomical database for current and future educators.

24,000 Specimens

The STAR Herbarium at Arkansas State University has more than 24,000 plant specimens stored within its cabinets. Impressively, some of the specimens date back as far as the 1880s, with the newest specimens coming from our present year.